XLReporter Version 10.0

Turn pen and paper into electronic forms.


Operating System

Support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008.

Microsoft Office

Support for Office 2007 and 2010 (32 bit edition).

Data Entry Management

Data entry management is performed with the new Interactive Forms (iForm) component that deploys Excel forms across your network to gather and store information to a central database. This application is ideal for any industry collecting data manually, such as user recordings and laboratory results, and requires a central place to store the data for reporting purposes..

Text File Interface

A new history interface is available to report from devices that log to text files. Report across multiple files as if they were one and extract analytic calculations over user defined intervals. A custom version of this interface is provided for Rockwell Automation's PanelView Plus graphic terminals for automatic and on-demand reporting.

New Reporting Commands

More intuitive reporting commands are provided to publish and distribute reports for emailing, PDF and FTP

File Management Module

A file management module is provided for managing the Windows file system. The applet supports file copy, file move, file rename and file delete. It also provides searching for the latest file in a specific folder and storing the result in an XLReporter variable so that name can be used for other purposes. When capturing the most recent file name, there is now support for both long file name (with path) and short file name (without path).

Off-line Development

A project can be completely developed off-line without disrupting the running system. All templates and schedules can be developed and tested. Simulated values are returned during validation and testing to give the user the feel that they are connected to real hardware. A stand-alone application is provided to export tags from a running system and use them as part of the off-line development. When the project is restored back to the running system, everything is ready to go on-line with a single mouse click.

Whats New in Version 10.0